Space 380 will help you gain public & industry awareness, develop your ideal touring circuit, and sell music by integrating radio airplay, press coverage, tour promotion, retail support TV commercials, & viral online marketing.

Space 380 is different from a record label in that we offer services to any artist who has music deserving attention. More importantly, our fees are up front -- we don't own your music, and you keep 100% of your merchandise money. Our success is only determined by your success.

Over 10 years of experience marketing and promoting independent music has allowed Space 380 to develop relationships with people and companies in all facets of the music industry. We can run your campaigns by properly managing promotional resources, developing a custom promotion team using various companies & individuals, and quarterbacking the marketing and promotional elements of your new release. From song selection and order to cover art and layout to target market selection, we can help.

Here's just a few of the avenues we will quarterback to help you achieve success: