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Artist (Label)
Aalacho Independent
Acumen Nation (Cracknation)
The Alpha Conspiracy (Diffusion)
Amsterband (Now Ha Ha Tonka) Independent (Now on Bloodshot)
Android Lust (Projekt)
Appogee (Kanpai)
Nate Ashley (Left-Handed Label)
The Audition (13th Floor/Victory)
Bald Eagle (Emergency Umbrella)
Jason Bowers Independent
The Black Angels (Light In The Attic)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl (Projekt)
Jeff Chaz (JCP)
Cheating Kay (House of Tears)
Chemlab (Invisible)
Meg Lee Chin Independent
Clatter (Chicken House)
Collide (NoisePlus)
ComoMusic Anthology 1990-2005, #1 (Painfully Midwestern)
The Countdown (Invisible)
The Damage Manual (Invisible)
Die Warzau (PulseBlack)
DJ Dara (Sm:)e Communications)
The Doxies (Emergency Umbrella)
DraStiK Independent
Five Fifty (Exhaust)
Five Iron Frenzy (5 Minute Walk)
The Follow (Oni Music)
Foundry Field Recordings (Emergency Umbrella)
Garageland (Foodchain/Flying Nun)
Genocide in Sudan (Waxploitation)
gooding (S3)
The Groodies (Failed Experiment)
Chris Haskett (Den City)
H3LLB3NT (Invisible)
Imbue (Underground, Inc.)
Jute (Catalyst Sounds)
KCOU 88.1 FM Compilation (GPC/MSA)
kataStatik (Unschooled)
The Kingdom Flying Club (Emergency Umbrella)
Klute (Sm:)e Communications)
Luna Heights (NatAural High)
Midwest Murder Society (Abrasion)
Motorbaby (Ten Wings Music)
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (Sleaze Box)
Nocturne (Triple X)
Original P (Westbound)
Paradise Vending (Emergency Umbrella)
Peas (Kanpai)
Petland (Manic Music)
pH10 (Helmutplex)
Pigface (Invisible)
Pixel Panda (House of Tears Sound)
Rachel Stamp (Captiva)
Railer (Underground, Inc.)
She's Your Sister (Independent)
Sheep on Drugs (Invisible)
Skinny Puppy (SPV)
David Smith (Nonesuch)
SNMNMNM (Unschooled)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Generic Equivalent)
The Sonnets (Failed Experiment)
T.M. Stevens (United One)
Supernauts (WiSh)
TCR (Exhaust)
Teargas & Plateglass (Waxploitation)
Tim Cullen (Long Live Crime)
Trancenden (Analigital Music)
Trebuchet (Emergency Umbrella)
Robin Trower (V12)
TRS-80 (Invisible)
Tub Ring (Deezal/Invisible)
Vanishing Kids (Failed Experiment)
Various Artists: Brazilectro (SPV Records)
Various Artists: Develop[mental] 1 (NatAural Records)
VOODOU (Underground, Inc.)