Radio Promotion
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What is it? The act of researching radio stations, verifying their contact information, sending CDs to the stations, and following up on the status of the CD at each station. Keeping the Music Director at each station informed of the artist's current successes is crucial.

Music Styles We Promote :
Rock, Electronic, RPM, Dance, Industrial, AAA, Americana, World, Reggae, Blues, Folk, Jazz, New Age, Hip-Hop, Rap, Loud Rock, & more.

Non-Commercial Radio :
College, High School, Public, & Community Radio Stations - We actively work with about 500 non-commercial stations.

Commercial Radio :
Radio stations that run COMMERCIALS on air to pay the bills - Most stations playing mainstream music found on BET, MTV, VH1, or CMT are commercial stations. We actively work with about 300 commercial stations.

Internet Radio :
Radio stations that exclusively broadcast music streams via the Internet. We also include other commercial and non-commercial stations that broadcast via the Internet as well as terrestrial means.

Satellite Radio :
Stations broadcasting via satellites offering crystal clear, no commercial audio to THOUSANDS of subscribers.